Monday, 3 August 2009

Craig is 40

No, this must be an error
Our handsome young man cannot be
Are we really that old, shock and terror
It seems just like yesterday he was but three.
Craig was one of those cute little boys
A sensitive lad who looked after his toys
He still had some mischief to share with his brothers
And as he grew up he included some others.

At age 10 an affair had already started
With a Kawasaki 80 he roared into life
He and that bike were not often parted
Only when speed won did it cause him some strife.
Smokey and Cleo were two special friends,
Furry and cuddly and loyal to the end,
He would smuggle them in to his bedroom at night
And think he was clever whilst tucking them tight.

These were replaced with cars and with mates,
Off to Uni to open life’s gates
Craig would succeed in whatever he chose,
He was not one to go with the flows.
Before he was to venture into that world,
Of study and parties and shocks to be unfurled,
We had our shares of hurts and joys
Of hospital visits and jobs for the boys.

Not one to stand back from work on the farm
Top speed on the Kwacka was no reason for alarm
Everything done to test out the limits
Has stood him in good stead for a future in business.
One of three boys Craig fought for his place,
In the middle of older and younger, his space,
His caring soft nature and those brown eyes so large
Made discipline harder when facing a charge

Craig shared his love openly and gave of his heart
To his Nan, Pa, and Alice who have since to depart
Sharing care and fun was a special treat had
Never forgotten by this selfless young lad.
Craig’s mates he has many, such a social young man
Brendon, Tim, Bradley and Dan come to hand,
All over the world he was to become known
For his friendship and loyalty shared all around.

Now later in life Rebekah appeared
At uni they met and life changed a gear,
Travel was next and then marriage arranged
Before we knew it overseas was the game.
Three beautiful children came into Craig’s life,
A father himself now he will sort out their strife,
How quickly years go, he was only just three,
Now head of a family, just how old are we?

Craig, you are one of a kind
No prouder parents you would find,
Please remember your humble roots,
And don’t ever get too big for your boots.
We loved you as a baby so cuddly and cute
We loved you as a boy even learning the flute,
Our love continued strong into the teens,
Non negotiable love, you know what that means.

So, if you are bathing the kids or cleaning the car
Sealing a deal, or paying the swear jar,
Talking in millions or mowing the lawn,
We love you heaps Craig, our second son born.

Happy 40th birthday Son with all our love

d.o.b. 14.2.69