Monday, 8 September 2008


A Tribute to Bandit

When we picked up Bandit for the first time 17 years ago, she was a little ball of blue fluff with black eyes. She looked just like a bandit with that little mask on. Straight away she decided she liked us and we liked her. We bundled her up and took her home to Homelea, our property in Parkes where she was to live for the next 11 years before moving with us to Valla. Bandit became a part of our life, never leaving Jim's side as he moved around the farm. Whether it was on the tractor on the seat beside him or next to his left ankle whilst tending the pigs, cattle or sheep she was happy. Bandit loved to help bring the cattle in, nipping at their heels and dodging flying hooves. Sometimes the horses were a bit quick for her when she tried it on them, so she learned to stay clear very early in the piece. All the kids loved Bandit, and she taught many neighbour's kids to love dogs. Our grandchildren have all grown up with Bandit, she has always been there with Grandma and Grandpa. After 5 and a half years in Valla, Bandit grew very tired and decided to go to sleep. Her sleep has taken her to Doggy Heaven I am sure, because if ever a dog deserved to be in Doggy Heaven, it was Bandit. To our ever faithful, loving friend, we wish you a speedy trip to a place filled with food and love and lots of rubs and pats. We will miss you dearly and so will Savage, your little mate of 7 years. Goodbye Bandit


Faye, Lyn, Wilma said...
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Faye said...

Lovely story Jan, Bandit gave us a trust that you don't very often see. We miss her very much, as we do our little Tisha as well.
hugz - Faye & Ray