Thursday, 4 November 2010

Maureen - A lifetime friend...

Maureen – 60 something today
A lifetime friendship poem

Now this story starts a long time ago
When Caloola Rd was just gravel
Two small lives clashed, who was to know
Of a friendship about to unravel

Maureen became a sister to me
A refuge away from two brothers
Her house was full of girls you see
And Mrs. Mac was just like my mother

Maureen’s house was busy with a family of eight
And a business was run in that place
Catering for functions they all chipped in
No one escaped from the pace

Westmead was the school chosen for Maude
To see her through early primary years
Then Parra High was the next step toward
A life based on a helping career

School was there to challenge the brain
But sometimes it was just to have fun
Like stockings off to walk in the rain
Or boys chasing girls on the run

Teenage years soon came around
Speedways figured then
The roar of engines and dusty ground
Screeching tyres and adventurous young men

A marriage for Maureen and lots in between
Saw her running a shop
Long hours, long days that Deli did glean
To help them reach up for the top

Not an easy life has this friend of mine had
Children of her own were denied
More losses than most would see her so sad
Silent tears, with her, we cried.

Maureen found herself on her own
And threw herself into her job
Study and work were her life now
Till David stood out from the mob

We lost contact for quite a few years
Whilst family I would put first
But never have we forgotten our past
For our friendship we both had a thirst

A move to the coast to soak up the sun
Took Maureen and David away
By that time Jim and I had a plan
To one day join them in play

The Head Injury Unit was glad to have Maude
With her very organized brain
To sort out their days and put in extra hours
She worked like a runaway train

Encyclopedia is Maureen’s second name
Psycho for short Jim does claim
A wealth of knowledge squeezed in that head
Along with loyalty - a claim to her fame

Generosity and love to nieces, nephews alike
Maureen is always on hand,
Now two little girls have crept into her heart
To enrich their life so grand.

55 years we have now been friends
We have had our share of laughs
We have also cried over lots of things
Together as our life has shot past

Retired now and too busy to work
Adventure Girls beckon each week
To put fear behind her and body on the line
This girl will not be called weak

My friend, happy birthday, you are still older than me
I used to think that unfair
I always wanted to be the big one
Only in weight did I fare

I hope we can continue share
The friendship we have grown
And be there for each other in our twilight years
Oh how our life has flown

Now raise a glass, have a drink for Maude
Wine spritzer is her choice
Friends all around, what more could we want
Happy birthday, we chant with one voice.

Happy Birthday dear friend. 2010

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Faye said...

Lovely story Jan... Love the picture as well.
Luv - Sis