Saturday, 4 December 2010

Our friend Savage

This is our mate Savage who spent a lot of her life being cuddled by grandchildren. Savage would have been 9 years old this December 2010. Unfortunately she picked up a rat bait in July this year and we couldn't save her. What a faithful, quiet, good natured dog she was. All the children loved her and she loved them. She was always beside Jim's leg as he worked around the farm and just loved a pat or a rub. Our farm manager, David just loved Savage and spoilt her, giving her toast for breakfast. So naturally the feelings were mutual. Savage liked nothing better than a run on the beach, although it was never quite the same after Bandit died. Savage liked to chase Bandit and bite her on the leg, running away quickly through the waves leaving Bandit to try and catch her. Of course at 17 years of age Bandit wasn't that good. I know how she felt!!! Goodbye Savage, we will all miss you terribly.

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